Sheffield IoT Meetup: Summer meetup featuring IoT students

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Ioetec and co-hosts Pitch-In held the second summer Sheffield IoT meetup on the 27th August 2020. The meetup featured Pitch-In IoT students and some excellent guest speakers. The students are developing hardware and software sensor systems which make use of the regional LoRaWAN network for Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity. Student and guest speakers covered topics including our region’s response to Covid-19 and technology projects on smart city living, manufacturing and health and well-being.

A recording of the presentations is available below (see timings to jump to relevant sections).

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Video timings:

00.00.00 – Mark Davies, CEO and Co-founder, Ioetec – “Welcome”

The Pitch-In IoT students:

00.01.11 – Seth Roberts – ‘Analysing the use of bicycles in a city environment’

00.03.36 – Mo-anna Tucker – ‘Indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring’

00.4.41 – “Questions for students”

Guest talk:

00.09.15 – Prof Fabio Ciravegna, University of Sheffield – ‘Back to work safely – social distancing in the workplace’

The Pitch-In IoT students:

00.26.40 – Nathan Brown – ‘Predictive maintenance of legacy equipment at AMRC’

00.30.00 – Ammar Aboagwam- ‘Energy management for the manufacturing sector’

00.33.45 – Ahmed Haroun – ‘Temperature Monitoring in Industrial applications’

00.36.39 – “Questions for students”

Guest talk:

00.40.39 – Dr Martin Highett, the Diamond Building, University of Sheffield – ‘The digitisation of a pilot pharmaceutical manufacturing line: the benefits for teaching and industry’

The Pitch-In IoT students:

00.57.26 –Onyeka Obidiegwu – ‘RFID tag reader as a LoRaWAN application’

00.59.40 – Robert Bruce – ‘Integrating Local and Wide Area Networks for Use by Smart Buildings’

01.03.29 – Tom Edwards – ‘Asset Security using Bluetooth Beacons and LoRaWAN’

01.05.47 – “Questions for students”

Guest talk:

01.07.58 – Mike Faulks, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder, Ioetec – ‘Quantum threat to IoT’

01.23.16 – Mark Davies, CEO and Co-founder, Ioetec – “Wrap Up”

Sheffield IoT Meetup is led by:

Ioetec: A Sheffield-based start-up working to improve cyber security for IoT devices

With sponsorship from:

Pitch-In: A collaborative project, led by the University of Sheffield, connecting capabilities to support IoT adoption

Additional supporters include Things Network Sheffield, SmartSheffield, IoT Security Foundation

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