Sheffield IoT Meetup #8: Smart Cities and Buildings

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Ioetec and co-hosts Pitch-In held the eighth Sheffield IoT meetup on the 1st October 2020. The theme for this meeting was Smart Buildings and Smart Cities, which can be made more efficient and people-friendly through use of technology including IoT.

A recording of the presentations is available below (see timings to jump to relevant sections).

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Video timings:

00.00.00 – Mark Davies, CEO and Co-founder, Ioetec – “Welcome”

Guest Speakers:

00.06.46 – Chris Dymond, Smart Sheffield – ‘What should smart city professionals actually know about?’

00.35.39 – Dr Ramsay Taylor, University of Sheffield and Prof Noukhez Ahmed, Twin Dynamics – ‘Mixed-fidelity building behaviour models’

00.59.05 – SYNERGIA – ‘Making IoT networks secure for everyone’

01.15.45 – Andy Saunders, IoT Tribe – ‘IoT Tribe’s third industrial tech programme: smart buildings focus’

01.28.46 – Mark Davies, CEO and Co-founder, Ioetec – “Wrap Up”

Sheffield IoT Meetup is led by:

Ioetec: A Sheffield-based start-up working to improve cyber security for IoT devices

With sponsorship from:

Pitch-In: A collaborative project, led by the University of Sheffield, connecting capabilities to support IoT adoption

Additional supporters include Things Network Sheffield, SmartSheffield, IoT Security Foundation


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