Social Prescribing at Blenheim Palace Estates

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Blenheim’s vision, aims and commitment to Woodstock and Oxfordshire, as well as the community assets and infrastructure it has access to, has placed Blenheimin a strategic position to become an important source and provider of social prescriptions within Woodstock and beyond.

This project will explore the possibilities of Blenheim as a social prescribing exemplar through three phases of work.

The first phase will explore options for social prescription at Blenheim. This will allow further understanding of the community needs and assess Blenheim assets that can be leveraged to design and deliver social prescription to meet local needs.

The second phase will see Blenheim working with a local social enterprise, Aspire, to pilot an IoT-enhanced walking-based social prescription at Blenheim which will help to promote wellbeing by improving mental and physical health. Over a 2-month period, one walking session per week lasting between 20-40 minutes will take place around Blenheim’sgrounds. Each session will take 12-15 participants through a different route aimed at conveying different interactive experiences that will leverage the diversity of Blenheim’sgrounds. Sensors and wearables will be worn by participants to gather data on behaviour, personal health and environmental factors to understand the impact of the programme.

Phase three will consider the findings of the first two phases and explore means to expand the Blenheim programme, including plans for future projects and funding applications. In addition to this, we will engage with stakeholders locally within Woodstock, the Oxfordshire CountyCouncil and NHS England to better understand the role that social prescribing at Blenheim can play locally and nationally.


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