Mapping and facilitating IoT ecosystem

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This project will focus on three main areas

  • Mapping the IoT ecosystem
  • Overcoming barriers and identifying opportunities
  • Facilitating interactions among stakeholders

IoT related companies face challenges in defining and including related products and services, as well as challenges addressing barriers and business settings. This project aims to survey the IoT company ecosystem by reviewing and extending the already existing IoTUK Nation Database to capture IoT specific information including barriers to IoT implementation and adoption, and adding new companies to the database by extending its scope. This extension of the database will improve its reliability as well as improve the quality and usefulness in gathering information on the types of challenges to inform strategy.

Information gathered from the database will then be utilised to gather information with regards to the growth barriers that IoT companies face. This will complement a review of the recent literature. Both reports will be made available on our website.

In addition to the above we expect to organise a series of webinars in collaboration with IoTNorth. IoTNorth organises monthly events related to the technical and business side of IoT. We will also contribute towards developing the online presence of the community aiming to better facilitate the ecosystem, e.g. by encouraging interactions among members.

Project lead:

Professor Savvas Papagiannidis, Newcastle Universtiy 

Project partners: