Learning with IoT platforms while strategizing business ecosystems

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The vision of the project is to build a network of  organisations interested in IoT platforms and strategy. The project will focus on developing training in IoT and platform strategy for the network.

Platform businesses, such as Amazon or Airbnb, host large data sets and make connections between a customer and a provider/business.  This project will look at how emerging IoT platform businesess can be understood and designed to return monetary value. The project will consider how businesses can build/engage with a range of IoT platforms, from platforms driven by the collection of data from sensors to platforms providing open access to data.

This project will facilitate knowledge transfer from academia to industry in the area of IoT by identifying and building a collaborative IoT ecosystem. This will be built from already established connections between the Institute for Manufacturing and organisations in the manufacturing, smart cities and healthcare sectors. Research with these organisations will build on the strategy frameworks developed by researchers at the IfM to enable the creation of value propositions through ecosystem mapping.  These will be adapted to apply to IoT platforms. Research will be utilised to inform the creation of training materials, including an online training course, case studies for dissemination to other Universities and a 3 day classroom course.


  • Build a network of firms willing to sustainably invest in IoT learning and growth
  • Establish resources for training, which can be deployed in online, classroom and experiential learning.

Project lead:

Dr Florian Urmetzer – University of Cambridge