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There is much interest in the use of IoT in healthcare contexts, with no shortage of white papers, market surveys and blog posts proclaiming the vast potential of IoT for transforming health and care provision.

While this potential may be genuine, successful real-world applications are few on the ground. It appears that IoT technology is struggling to enter the mainstream of care practice; indeed, Pitch‑In projects in this area have tended to focus more on early stages of design and basic acceptability, and have encountered a number of complex obstacles hindering innovation and adoption.

To attempt to bridge this gap between promise and provision, this mini-project will survey the state-of-the-art and perform an ‘experience audit’ of the existing Pitch‑In collaborations to clarify shared barriers and suggest strategies for overcoming them, to pinpoint gaps in knowledge and to identify opportunities where they arise.

The project will consolidate these learnings and opportunities into a coherent programme of work, effectively providing a roadmap for advancing the knowledge and practice of IoT for health and care in the coming years.

Of necessity, this will be a collaborative effort; a network of stakeholders will be developed, reflecting the skills and expertise of those with an interest in this field, and all sharing the motivation to accomplish the programme of work. The programme and network will be supplemented and supported by an ‘IoT for Care’ digital toolkit, a set of methodological and collaborative resources to facilitate the design and application of IoT technologies in care contexts.

Project lead:

Professor Luc De Witte, the University of Sheffield

Project partners:

Further partners to be confirmed.