IoT for care – awareness raising workshop programme

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Interaction between health and social care workers and the technology providers/developers is essential in order to develop meaningful technology-based solutions which are appropriate for adoption. However, it is widely acknowledged that such interaction is rare.

This Pitch-In project will seek to develop and deliver a series of workshop events aimed at facilitating such interactions and raising awareness of the capabilities and potential of IoT for care applications. These workshops will be delivered initially at by staff at the University of Sheffield with the assistance of local technology and health and social care providers. With appropriate modifications to take into account local context and needs, they will subsequently be delivered at Newcastle University and the University of Oxford.

With a strong practical element and ‘hands-on’ demonstrations and interactions, these workshops will seek to address a number of education, connectivity and trust barriers. During each event time will be devoted to brainstorming potential applications and solutions to identified barriers, additionally considering and discussing practical and ethical concerns which may arise.

The workshops will aim to run across the three-year Pitch-In project, allowing for initial and subsequent consultations and dissemination of findings as new opportunities and technologies become available.

Project lead:

Professor Luc De Witte, Health and Wellbeing theme lead, the University of Sheffield


The University of Sheffield

Newcastle University

The University of Oxford

Further active participants will include technology providers alongside Health and Social Care providers.

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