IoT digitisation strategy in manufacturing firms

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Digital transformation by manufacturers is vital in the context of rapidly developing Internet of Things landscape, including the digitalisation of value chains. Manufacturers must stay ahead in IoT developments with the creation and adoption of IoT digitalisation strategies, however manufacturers are faced with a lack of guidance in what determines the successful of an IoT digitalisation strategy.

This project aims to adapt already existing work with manufacturing partners to create a digital transformation strategy blueprint for manufacturers. The project will identify key factors influencing successful formulation of IoT digitalisation strategy, including strategy formulation roles, organisation and environmental setting and B2B customer experience. The proposed blueprint will be tested among manufacturing firms in Cambridge and Sheffield by interviewing IoT and digital managers. Findings from the project will be utilised to develop guidelines for industry best practise and advance the future research on IoT strategy formulation processes.

Digitalisation strategy will be evaluated on several criteria, including comprehensiveness and extensiveness. Comprehensiveness will be achieved through significant investigatory work and consultation with manufacturing stakeholders. Extensiveness will consider the future development and dynamic changes within manufacturing settings.


  • Creation of a digital transformation strategy blueprint with input from manufacturing contacts through workshops, interviews and surveys
  • A guidance report for manufacturers on how to successfully formulate IoT digitalisation strategies
  • Development of future research agenda and two academic journal articles on IoT digital strategy formulation process
  • Development of future research collaboration with Cambridge University and Sheffield University with industrial partners to submit a proposal to the EPSRC Manufacturing the Future

Project lead:

Dr Mohamed Zaki – University of Cambridge

Prof. Fraser McLeay – University of Sheffield


Cambridge Service Alliance and IFM industrial partners in partnership with Sheffield University Management School (e.g., Caterpillar, CEMEX, HCL technologies and many others)