IoT-based supply chain digital twin

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Supply chains are complex networks of independent companies, and full supply chain visibility is a common barrier to forming effective connections between suppliers. IoT can be utilised to improve information sharing to ensure accurate information is available throughout the supply chain

This project will develop a reference framework for IoT facilitated improvement on data sharing at supply network level. This will be based on a ‘supply chain digital twin’ which utilises data driven analytics and simulation replicating a real life supply chain, with IoT data from goods flowing in the chain. The network data will be used to optimise coordination and what-if scenario analysis.

The project will lay the foundation of an IoT based Supply Chain Digital Twin that will actas a reference framework to companies for overcoming information asymmetries in the supply chains. This will inform an industry use case for implementation, utilising the ability to capture and integrate supply chain data, predictive analysis and improve planning and coordination.


  • Review of Digital Twin concept and Supply Chain Digital Twin Building Blocks
  • Development of a preliminary digital twin demonstrator
  • Development of digital twin demonstrator with use-case
  • Write up of workshop conducted with key stakeholders to discuss barriers to IoT adoption in supply chain coordination

Project lead:

Anisoara Calinescu – University of Oxford

Alexandra Brintrup – University of Cambridge