Internet of Things platforms for mass customisation: when are they appropriate?

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Customers increasingly expect to buy individualised products instead of standard mass-produced ones. This calls for manufacturers to adopt digital technologies to enable the production of such goods and to plan for business models and manufacturing systems which could deliver customers with this expected value.

This project aims to develop a tool that helps manufacturers determine what types of goods could be more suitable for Internet of Things (IoT) – driven personalisation versus those where human intelligence needs to drive customisation. A generalisable product construct will be developed and tested for measuring consumers’ perception of value along which to determine the suitability of the IoT- Artificial Intelligence driven mass customisation.

It is proposed that once developed, tested and trialled the tool will be disseminated at an event to showcase the work and an online demonstrator.

Project lead:

Dr Letizia Mortara, Institute for Manufacturing , University of Cambridge
Twitter: @LM367 / @IfMCambridge


Arçelik A.Ş. designs produces and sells durable consumer goods. It offers products and services around the world with its 30,000 employees, 18 different production facilities in 7 countries for its 11 brands (including Beko and Grundig). The key connection will be the Beko UK R&D team.

Strategic Technology Innovation Management (STIM) Consortium: The STIM Consortium is a practice-oriented research and networking collaboration between industrial member companies and the Centre for Technology Management. It currently counts 20 large companies in a number of sectors. The STIM consortium is interested in understanding principles and tools useful for managing technologies in the digital manufacturing age.

Engagement opportunities:

During the project we will be seeking to work in collaboration with industrial partners who are interested in understanding how IoT might support mass customisation.