Internet of Things for hospital patient flow management

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A number of challenges exist in the creation of a system to map the status of global healthcare across wards, departments and whole hospitals. This data would inform better management decisions and more effective resource utilisation. This project aims to determine the challenges and barriers that exist, which would prevent clinicians, patients and healthcare entities from accepting and adopting a proposed infrastructure.

The project will investigate barriers preventing effective IoT adoption in hospital settings, starting at the Emergency Department. A proposed infrastructure will be produced to facilitate improved patient flow and overall operational efficiency in hospitals. Work will involve exploring the use of sensors placed on hospital resources, which could reveal equipment location, status and staff operator.

Partner hospitals will be surveyed to identify barriers in the implementation of IoT, through questionnaires with clinicians, hospital managers and patients.


  • Literature review of previous similar work, considering case studies to build on current work of the project
  • Summary of findings from surveys identifying key stakeholders and their concerns
  • Propose a pilot study design to explore feasibility of an IoT infrastructure within ahospital ward

Project lead:

Professor David Clifton – University of Oxford

Heloise Greeff – University of Oxford