Hinterland: From smart cities to smart regions

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IoT has sparked a revolution of ‘Smart Cities’, utilising embedded sensors and data collection to understand cities at scale. However, further expansion of Smart Cities into Smart Regions is needed to further understand large-scale economic, social, natural and commercial entities within Regions.

This project will extend current IoT ecosystems from smart cities to smart regions, widening the interconnection of capital, human and infrastructure in city-regions and overlapping administrative and regulatory environments that encompass wider regions.

The ecosystem will aim to increase capacity and raise awareness of IoT in city regions through highly visible demonstrators, including the development of pilot monitoring sites utilising LoRaWAN and other WAN technologies. The project will also engage with key stakeholders within the city region to develop use cases, negotiate data partnerships and explore long-term financial systems for the sustainability of IoT systems.

Project Lead

Professor Philip James – Newcastle University


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