Batteries and big data: developing shared storage and processing tools

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Academic Investigators from the Universities of Oxford, Newcastle and Sheffield have discovered they each spend significant time cleaning battery data received from industrial partners before it can be used in research or Knowledge Exchange projects. Practices between and sometimes across each institution are also different and experience with many different industrial companies also confirms this is a major issue inhibiting HEI/HEI collaboration and HEI/Industry collaborations.

This Pitch-In project provides the opportunity to bring together these three Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) alongside their industry partner (Siemens) to develop common practices across organisations: this would be a major first step in simplifying collaborations. Involving a wider range of organisations to share expertise also offers the further potential for extending the best practices to a wider group of HEIs and industrial partners.


The following core measures of success will be used:

  • Delivery of validated tools/code for the processing/storing of large data sets.
  • Demonstration of storage, access and processing of a battery data set in line with best practice in other sectors.
  • Publishing an example of data storage and processing online.

Further goals will be considered during the project dependent on time and resources.


Professor David Howey, Associate Professor in Engineering Science at the University of Oxford



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