A Self-Sustaining and Non-Intrusive Wireless Smart Water Meter

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Data from The Water Services Regulation Authority shows over three billion litres of water leaks per day in the UK. Water companies face a number of challenges, including ageing equipment and inaccessible networks (including remote and underground).

The availability of autonomous and affordable smart meters would address barriers facing the water industry, including environmental footprint and water poverty by enabling deployment at scale throughout the network.

This project will explore the possibility of developing a self-sustaining and non-intrusive wireless smart water meter for detecting and reducing leakage through flow and pressure monitoring. The presented solution would be based on one, or a combination, of energy harvesting sources such as light, radio-frequency (RF) electromagnetic radiation, temperature gradients, and motion.

The Northumbrian Water Group will provide guidance and direction to the project and ultimately access to demonstration sites.  This will contribute to the development of a self-sustaining and non-intrusive sensor capable of acquiring, monitoring, analysing and communicating data through an extensive network.


Project lead: Dr Domenico Balsamo, Newcastle University 

Project Partners

Northumbrian Water Group