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In order to investigate barriers to  adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT), Pitch-In is commissioning a number of projects each looking to overcome specific barriers, disseminate guidance and best-practice. Please use the below filters to view ‘Active’ and ‘Completed’ Pitch-In projects.

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Active Projects / Completed Projects

Embedding IoT Ideas in the South Yorkshire Region

This project supported stipends, equipment, and mentoring for 8 students to explore IoT projects during the summer for 4 weeks, from 14 June to 9 July 2021. Following on from last year’s very successful student placements, this year we partnered with Barnsley Digital Media Centre to embed our students in Barnsley, exploring IoT product concepts.


How do to IoT for care

‘IoT for care’ is an emerging field that faces its own specific barriers as well as those common to all IoT domains. This project draws upon experiences of those at the forefront of the field to develop resources and plot a course towards widespread adoption of IoT for care.


Internet of Things platforms for mass customisation: when are they appropriate?

This project aims to develop a tool that helps manufacturers determine what types of goods could be more suitable for Internet of Things (IoT) - driven personalisation versus those where human intelligence needs to drive customisation.


Managing hazardous slopes using resilient IoT sensors and real-time processing (slopeRIoT)

Landslides can pose a significant risk to life and economic disruption. The project aims to develop IoT integrated sensors with smart front and back processing using broadband satellite resilient connectivity, and incorporate data into existing business and decision making processes, as well as influence new processes.


Certified policy synthesis for adaptive CPS/IoT automotive

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and Internet of Things (IoT) are complex engineering systems encompassing analogue/physical quantities with digital/discrete controllers. This project will develop solutions for practical verification issues for complex CPS/IoT systems in the automotive domain, which include black-box learning/adaptive components.


Mapping and facilitating IoT ecosystem

IoT related companies face challenges in defining and including related products and services, as well as challenges addressing barriers and business settings. This project aims to survey the IoT company ecosystem by reviewing and extending the already existing IoTUK Nation Database to capture IoT specific information.


An IoT approach to characterising biodiversity of green spaces for planetary health

In this project, we aimed to explore IoT-enabled mechanisms that can be used to capture information on greenspace biodiversity specifically looking at sound-scape information. IoT-enabled mechanisms have the potential to significantly reduce the costs of data collection as well as leveraging citizen science, so allowing local governments to incorporate biodiversity into planning and design of green spaces.

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