Barrier: Building IoT Capacity and Collaborations


Embedding IoT Ideas in the South Yorkshire Region

This project supported stipends, equipment, and mentoring for 8 students to explore IoT projects during the summer for 4 weeks, from 14 June to 9 July 2021. Following on from last year’s very successful student placements, this year we partnered with Barnsley Digital Media Centre to embed our students in Barnsley, exploring IoT product concepts.


How do to IoT for care

‘IoT for care’ is an emerging field that faces its own specific barriers as well as those common to all IoT domains. This project draws upon experiences of those at the forefront of the field to develop resources and plot a course towards widespread adoption of IoT for care.


Internet of Things platforms for mass customisation: when are they appropriate?

This project aims to develop a tool that helps manufacturers determine what types of goods could be more suitable for Internet of Things (IoT) - driven personalisation versus those where human intelligence needs to drive customisation.

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