About Pitch-In

Welcome to the Pitch-In website. You can view current Pitch-In projects which are working to overcome barriers to the exploitation of the Internet of Things (IoT), access available facilities and expertise, and join a network of connected IoT stakeholders. As the first Pitch-In projects begin to disseminate their toolkits and guidance over the coming months, these will be available to view and download here.

< What is the Internet of Things? >

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in objects about our person, in our homes, factories, hospitals, buildings, cities and environment, enabling them to send and receive data, and to collaborate with other Internet enabled computing to provide a host of applications and services. It is estimated that we will have more than 50 billion connected elements online within the next decade, and that the IoT will bolster the UK economy by £81 billion and bring 67,000 jobs to the UK by 2021. IoT supports many ‘smart’ infrastructures and lies at the heart of industrial digitisation efforts to achieve greater productivity; the UK Government’s MadeSmarter review identifies many such opportunities for increased productivity via digitisation.

< Project Vision >

The Pitch-In (Promoting the Internet of Things via Collaboration between HEIs and Industry) project will extract benefit for the UK from Internet of Things technologies and expertise via wide-ranging collaboration between academic institutions and the public and private sectors.

It will investigate barriers to exploitation of the Internet of Things (IoT), trial solutions, capture Knowledge Exchange good practice learning outcomes, and disseminate guidance regionally, nationally and globally. It focuses on four priority sectors (Cities, Energy, Health and Wellbeing, and Manufacturing) with an overarching theme, Managing the Introduction of IoT, considering the challenges of introducing IoT across communities, businesses and industry sectors. The University Partners (Sheffield, Oxford, Cambridge and Newcastle) together with their external private and public sector partners are contributing directly to the development of sustainable ecosystems to fuel IoT innovation, and are engaging with a number of stakeholders to boost engagement across the UK. Pitch-In harnesses wide-ranging capabilities, from technical academic and industrial expertise in the four selected sectors, through to commercial and industrial business experience and insight from the social sciences. The collaborations and knowledge sharing enabled through the project will lead to a sustainable IoT ecosystem in which universities play a full part.

The project is funded until 2021 through Research England’s Connecting Capability Fund.

Key project aims

  • To identify barriers to the development and exploitation of the Internet of Things, to trial potential solutions, and to disseminate results.
  • To contribute to the development of a sustainable ecosystem of connected IoT stakeholders (with needs and capabilities), leveraging and complementing existing structures.
  • To demonstrate the benefits to business and universities of engaging with IoT and to facilitate the exploitation of both IoT technology and expertise to make this happen.
  • To develop a means for universities to fully exploit their capabilities to enhance the whole of the IoT innovation ecosystem.

< Who We Work With >

< Funding >

Pitch-In is not intended as a direct funder for IoT implementation or for fundamental IoT related research. It is concerned with supporting investigation of barriers to successful introduction of IoT, developing solutions and sharing the results.

However, engineering access to other finance as part of a sustainable ecosystem is a project goal. Pitch-In will build relationships with financing as part of its ecosystem support. This includes collaboration with other Connecting Capability Fund projects such as the Northern Triangle Initiative. Pitch-In is facilitating and supporting collaborative IoT related proposals as opportunities arise. The development of low cost IoT solutions is one area of significant importance to Pitch-In. We acknowledge that the needs of an SME will be different to those where major resilient infrastructure must be developed. We are supporting knowledge exchange activities to support ‘IoT on a shoestring’.